Silk'n REJU Skin Rejuvenation and Anti Aging Device


Silk'n Reju is the revolutionary anti-aging miracle that provides immediate, long-term skin rejuvenation results. Use on crow's feet, under the eyes, cheeks and virtually any other problem area.

  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture
  • Brightens skin color
  • Reduces pore size
  • Professional results at home
  • Long-term anti-aging solution

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What makes Silk'n Reju different?

The secret is Home Fractional (HF) Technology. Silk'n Reju uses a combination of fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating to actually stimulate collagen production. The result is improved skin texture and tone with drastically reduced wrinkles, fine lines and pore size.

  • Light therapy and thermal heating stimulates collagen production
  • Clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists
  • Safe and user friendly

The numbers speak for themselves

Clinical tests show age-defying results after just 8 weeks using Silk'n Reju:

  • 91% Improvement of skin texture
  • 69% Reduction of lines and wrinkles
  • 47% Fading of spots on the skin
  • 78% Reduction of the pores

Silk’n Reju facial treatment areas Typical areas for Silk’n Reju treatment are the cheeks, forehead, neck, and around the eyes.
       Plan your Silk’n Reju treatment for best results. The efficiency of the results varies from person to person and according to the frequency of use and skin type. Some may see results sooner than others. A single Reju session usually takes 15-20 minutes in which you should gently glide and slowly the Reju applicator over the desired treatment area. During the procedure you should feel gentle heat penetrating deep into the skin.

Initial Silk'n Reju treatment course:
During the first month (4 weeks), treatment should be performed 3 times a week for 15-20 minutes each time

Silk'n Reju maintenance regime:
Use Silk'n Reju once a week for 15-20 minutes.

What to expect when using Silk’n Reju?
During Silk’n Reju treatment it is normal to experience and feel:

  •    A Sensation of Warmth. During Silk’n Reju treatment you may feel slight warmth. This is normal and should dissipate up to an hour after the session.
  •    Some mild red sheen. After each Silk'n Reju session you may notice a slight reddening of the skin (mild erythema) in the treated area. This is normal and should fade. within an hour or two.

Best results can be expected 3-7 weeks after completing the recommended course of treatment.

Results of using Silk'n Reju after 8 weeks
91% improvement of the skin texture. 69% Clear reduction of lines and wrinkles 47% proven fresher skin. 78% Clear size reduction of pores

Including face cream
Includes a pot of hydrating facial cream with Dead sea minerals for after treatement use Silk'n Reju cream has been especially developed to complement the HF treatment. You can also use other hydrating creames with Silk'n Reju.

Silk’n Reju is an FDA approved hand held light emitting diode (LED) device for facialtreatments of periorbital wrinkles, reducing pore size and temporary improvement of the appearance of the skin.

The light emitted by Silk'n Reju stimulates the deeper layers of the facial skin and makes it look younger.
Silk’n Reju facial treatment areas Typical areas for Silk’n Reju treatment are the cheeks, forehead, neck, and around the eyes.

The benefits of Silk’n Reju
The results of using Silk’n Reju when following instructions correctly will be the reduction of facial fine lines, reduced pore size and improvement the appearance of the face.

1-Does Silk'n Reju work?
Yes. In clinical trials conducted by doctors, Silk'n Reju was proven to safely achieve excellent results.

2-Where on my face can I use Silk'n Reju?
The Silk'n Reju device has been designed for treating the entire face. The most common areas are the neck, eye contours, chin, cheeks and forehead.

3-How long does a Silk'n Reju treatment session take?
The time can vary depending on the size of the treatment area. On average the treatment of an area takes about 5 to 7 minutes. Treatment of the entire face and neck can take 15 up to 20 minutes.

4-Is Silk'n Reju safe?
Silk’n Reju has been designed with your safety in mind and tested and approved by top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to meet their safety standards for a home-use device. But like any skin product or electronic device, one must use according to the operating instructions and user precautions.

5-What are the unique safety features of Silk'n Reju?
To protect your skin a temperature sensor has been built into the Silk'n Reju applicator surface. This sensor prevents the temperature of the skin being treated from rising beyond 41 degrees Celsius. Also a sensor has been built in to detect skin contact to prevent the Silk'n Reju from activating when not in contact with your skin.

6-How often should I use Silk'n Reju?
During the first month (4 weeks) Silk'n Reju should be used 3 times per week to treat the entire face and neck. Later a maintenance schedule of 1 full treatment per week will suffice.

7-Will Silk'n Reju hurt?
When using Silk'n Reju a sensation of heat can be felt. This is not usually felt as painful. after treatment the skin can have a red sheen to it. This is normal and will dissipate within one or two hours.

8-Can I use Silk'n Reju on large freckles, birth marks, moles or warts?
No, you cannot use Silk'n Reju on areas of dark skin, dark spots, large freckles, birth marks, moles or warts.

9-Can I use Silk'n Reju if I have eczema, psoriasis, lesions, open wounds or active infections such as cold sores?
No, you cannot use Silk'n Reju with any of these symptoms.

10-When will I see results from Silk'n Reju?
The effectiveness of the treatments will vary for each person and depends on how often Silk'n Reju is used. Results can be expected to show in about 3 to 7 weeks after the first months treatment schedule.

11-Are there side effects from using Silk'n Reju?
When using Silk'n Reju the following sensations are considered normal:
 - A warm feeling. During treatment with Silk'n Reju the skin may feel somewhat hot. This is normal and will dissipate within about one to two hours after treatment.
 - A slight red sheen. After treatment with Silk'n Reju the skin can have a slight red sheen to it. This is normal and should dissipate within about one to two hours. Should the redness remain up to as long as 3 days, we advise you see your doctor or dermatologist. We advise you to use a moisturizing cream directly after treatment to help the skin recover from treatment quicker.

12-Can a man use Silk'n Reju?
Yes, Silk'n Reju can be used by both men and women..

13-Why do I not see any results after 3 weeks of treatment?
It is usual that result become visible after just 3 weeks of treatment, however because each person's skin is different it may take longer for your skin to show signs of improvement. It can take up to 8 to show any results. That is also why multiple treatments are necessary for the best results.

14-When to avoid using Silk'n Reju?
Certain conditions may temporarily prevent the use of Silk'n Reju. Do not use Silk'n Reju if any of the following conditions apply to you:
 • If you have dark brown or black spots, such as large freckles, birth marks, moles or warts on the area to be treated.
 • If you have eczema, psoriasis, lesions, open wounds or active infections such as cold sores in the area to be treated. Wait for the affected area to heal before
  using Silk'n Reju.
 • If you have abnormal skin conditions caused by diabetes or other systemic or metabolic diseases.
 • If you are currently or have recently been treated with Alpha-Hydroxi Acids (AHAs), Beta-Hydroxi Acids (BHAs), Retin-A®, tropical retinoids or azelaic acid.
 • If you have been treated with Accuthane® (isotretinoin) within the past 6 months.
 • If you have been on a steroid regimen within the past 3 months.
 • If you have a history of herpes outbreaks in the area to be treated, unless you have consulted you physician and received preventative treatment before using Silk'n Reju.

15-Are there any warnings or contraindications for Silk'n Reju?
Silk'n Reju has been purposely designed with your safety in mind, but certain conditions may limit your ability to treat yourself with the device. To fully understand these limitations we recommend that you read the Silk'n Reju warnings and contraindications in the safety guid (also note question 15 of this FAQ).

16-Do I need to make preparations before using Silk'n Reju?
Before using Silk'n Reju you should make certain that your skin is clean and free of any powder, gel or cream.

17-Do I need to wear eye protection when using Silk'n Reju?
No, the applicator will only shine when it is in contact with your skin.

18-What does the Silk'n Reju package contain?
The Silk'n Reju package contains a Silk'n Reju device, a charging dock, an adapter. The Silk'n Reju device is a portable device which contains the treatment surface in its applicator face, an on/off switch and an indicator panel. The charging dock is used to charge the batteries of the Silk'n Reju device in combination with the supplied adapter.

19-How long does it take to fully charge the Silk'n Reju device?
Before first use we advise you to fully charge the Silk'n Reju device. This can take up to 6 hours. During charging you cannot use Silk'n Reju. After first use the charging time can take up to 6 hours. Never cover the Silk'n Reju device during charging.

20-What are the benefits of using Silk'n Reju?
If you use the Silk'n Reju as described in the manual and according the advised schedule the result will be a significant reduction of fine lines, pore size and a generally better skin quality.

21-Can I use Silk'n Reju if I have little or no wrinkles and from what age can I use Silk'n reju?
You can use Silk'n Reju from 18 years of age. Silk'n Reju will give the skin a beautiful sheen and makes it look younger and fresher. It also reduces pore size.

22-How long do the Silk'n Reju's batteries last?
The Silk'n Reju contains a Li-Ion battery, it can be charged up to 1000x without loss of quality. So, you can use the Silk'n Reju for years, even if you charge it daily. To further extend the life of the batteries we recommend you regularly use the Silk'n Reju until the battery is fully depleted.


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